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  • "I see what you don’t. Write about things least spoken of. Speak less, listen more. Watch less, observe more. Know more by learning more. Attach less, detach more. Be seen less, remembered more. And believe that less is, in fact, more."
  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
  • "Life is not a straight line. It is a circle. See you a-round!"
  • If you do not wish to cross the bridge when you get to it go ahead, take a boat... either way, cross over, you will have to."

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Jan 23 2013


Krishna said to Arjun: Do the duty true to your nature and remain detached. “Karma Yog” = a yoga of selfless service.

Dec 31 2012

Dear 2013

Dear 2013…. Standing at your doorstep, I have a few questions…. And my question is not ”What penalty should be given to a criminal.” The questions to find answers to are….. (and I have MANY more, than listed here!!)

Dec 15 2012

Heil Narcissists

“Narcissists are interpersonally exploitative, i.e., take advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends & lack empathy,” says Randi Kreger, an expert on borderline and narcissistic personality disorders.

Dec 14 2012

Newtown, Connecticut, USA

A catastrophe occurred today, December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Several people were shot at while inside a school. From the twenty six who were shot dead, twenty were children in the age group 5 to 10 years. I am deeply mournful and this is one of those events that makes my spirit shudder. …

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Nov 17 2012

Innovators and Imitators

Do you sometimes get the feeling you are being closely watched? Your work? Your style? Something that comes naturally to you is being closely monitored? Most often you will be right. Especially if your work is open to public.

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