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  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
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Jul 06 2014

The Clown

Photography by: Cristina-Otero

Photography by: Cristina-Otero


The Clown

“Laugh!” you demanded.
“Don’t you dare cry!” you said.
“Do something about your horrid face, I hate looking at it” you continued…
“Why are you so fat!”

All this while you kept striking me… blow after blow… kick after kick…
“Why aren’t you screaming? Or howling in pain?” you suddenly stopped and asked.

I remained silent.

“What is it with you? You don’t feel any pain now?” you angrily asked.. as you continued to strike me, kick me….hurl abuses at me.

Frustrated with my silence, you pulled me up by my hair.
As I stood up looking straight at you, you looked at me and laughed out loud!

“Hahahaha… you look like a clown! The blood on your face, makes you look like a clown” you said while laughing uncontrollably.

I simply stood there and stared back at you.
Silently. Stared. Without blinking.

“Oh you really make me laugh” you said…”but tell me, you don’t feel any pain?” and saying this you walked away, chuckling.
Great start to your day, I thought.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw what you saw,
A clown looking back at me…
And I thought to myself…

“You sure have perfected the art my love…
In a world where appearances are all that matter
You have excelled!
You look so beautiful.
Well done my little clown!
Well done!

You are special indeed.
You know what kicks in the stomach feel like,
You know what it feels to have your heart yanked out of your body and thrown aside…
You know how it feels when your eyes, they don’t tear up after a while, they simply burn! So badly… hurt! Burn!
You know what it feels when your lip is cut, bruised, and you still need to wash your face in icy cold water… and it stings! So badly. Just stings. That sting brings forth tears and suddenly your eyes are relieved, they sigh, they almost say thank you…
You know how it feels when your nose bleeds and it’s so confusing because you’re wondering is it snot or blood or both?
You wipe it and oh it hurts!

Soon, your entire face is just ‘ouching’ away!

Then, you feel immensely tired…
And sleep.

Yes I’m a clown.
Come laugh with me.
Come sing with me.

But for now,
Let me sleep.

~ Maulshri*

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