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Dec 31 2012

Dear 2013

Dear 2013…. Standing at your doorstep, I have a few questions….
And my question is not ”What penalty should be given to a criminal.”
The questions to find answers to are….. (and I have MANY more, than listed here!!)

“What the bloody hell is wrong with our society?

What’s with the demonic attitudes?
How did these attitudes develop?
Where does this barbaric mindset come from?
How does a human being reach the point of devouring another?
What has led to the birth of a cannibalistic society?
Why are all of us constantly wearing blinders and pulling our carriages?
Why must we beg for what is rightfully ours?
Why are we all looking to blame the media, alcohol, drugs, movies, video games and just about anything we can get our hands on? Who created all these things? It ain’t Jesus that’s for sure!What the hell is wrong with our own internal wiring?
Why do we need to be treated like animals, like rabid dogs who need to be shot dead?Why do we need to discuss severe corporal punishments in relation to human beings?Apparently, we evolved from monkeys. Did we really?
…..Evolve that is?

Are we now striving to regress? Sure looks like it.

I am a “Daughter of India” and I demand answers!! Who will give me the answers?

As young girls, why are we taught to not step out of the house after dark? What happens after dark?

Mr. PM, it’s AM now! Time to wake up buddy!!!!!!

Sonia G. (and I don’t mean ‘jee’ as in respect)… if her name was Priyanka G. and not Damini or Nirbhaya, would it MAYBE have made more of a difference to you to know why her intestines had to be removed?

“Oh boo hoo! But it’s New Year’s Eve Maulshri, get a life! Should we stop living our lives? We need to partyyyy!”

Answer is No. (And get out of my face if that’s the only question you have for me) but no! No one can and should stop living their lives. No one should give up on life, ever!
… Be it anyone’s life, is my point.

Learn to show some R E S P E C T not just sing the song because it’s popular!!

If you think rapists only exist in New Delhi then you’re “partyyyyying” under a rock!

Show some solidarity. Be a part of a larger cause, a much larger movement than you moving your butt to pick up the TV remote! Why? Because your butt is also a part of this worldwide cause. You also live in this society that is turning against itself. If you don’t stand up for your own society, you will go down too!! Duh!!

What is the cause? Now that’s a good question!

The cause is to Be Humane, I mean ‘humane’; with an ‘e’. It’s not a typo.

See how you can make a difference, even if it is to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions and suggestions.

Spread humane energy in whichever way you can. If not anything, let people know that you are still a human being who is capable of “feeling”. That you still care when someone gets hurt.

Spread this reassurance in a world that sorely needs to be reassured that each of our lives are important.

Save your New Year’s Eve schedule for your diary. Every new year comes and goes and our society keeps getting more and more inhuman to be human in.

If you can’t show respect… then tomorrow when you slip and fall while walking in your ugly ass stilettos on the street and break your ankle, don’t expect a stranger to come and lend you a hand. Don’t crib about the fact that “no one did anything!”

You are a part of that “no one” right now if you don’t show support in some way… express it in any way, instead of just saying “anyway” and moving on with your life like nothing happened to make your soul jump out of your body.

If each one of us opens our hearts to people outside our families, the whole world will be our family. Think of how powerful this thought is… especially if each one of us believes in this thought and works towards it.
Don’t we all deserve a safe world? Shouldn’t we be able to live safely anywhere in the world?

I am a daughter of India and I wish you a 2013 ABUNDANT with the basic necessities and rights of being a human being. I have so much hope in me that even if you dump me in the deepest end, I WILL float!!!

I wish all daughters have fathers like Alok Shukla to remind them constantly of how much they are cherished and loved despite being born in a country that detests its daughters, and a mother like Roopa Arora Shukla the ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ (an Indian Queen known for her bravery) for me, who has taught me that to have qualities of ‘Bheem’ (a man who symbolises great strength) you do not have to be born a man.

I am immensely proud to be a woman and even more proud to be the mother of a daughter who will grow up knowing that she was wanted and loved much before she was born.

Let’s take the ‘new’ in “Happy New Year” to a higher level and truly start a NEW beginning!

#Hope #Love #Regards #Respect #Happiness #Safety
#Human Rights

HAPPY 2013 !!!!!

Awaiting answers,

© Maulshri Rajdhan

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