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Jun 29 2014


Amiya Chatterjee (Guest Writer) writes:

June 29, 2014
Photograph copyright: Amiya Chatterjee

I wanted you always,

the way the unkind spring

wanted the crimson hibiscus,

the way, the way wanted

not to reach

at the end of the way,

the way the setting sun

smeared the throbbing vermilion

to iraboti,

the way jasmine

tumbled on tearful graves,

the way life wanted

passionate hugs of death,

I wanted you.

you in return

gifted me

a dream

of green desert land.

@ amiyo – Amiyo’s Facebook

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My response to Amiya Da’s Poem, ‘Dream’:
June 29, 2014

The statement “I wanted you”, in itself, is a dream,

One that is elusive,

especially when there is a desire so deep.

The more I wanted you

The further you went…

Green with desire,

My desert grew hotter,

My tsunami wilder,

My earthquake, stronger!

Oh I want you…

Not as a return gift,

Not as a parting gift…

Not because you feel I deserve you…

But because you feel
you deserve a woman like me!

Oh I want you.. .

Like the tall grass needs the wind,

To dance and sway the days away…

Oh I want you…

Like the pond needs ripples,

To awake from its deep deep slumber…

Oh I want you…

Like oxygen is to my heart…

Oh I want you…

Like the sky that needs us to aspire

To reach way up high!

Oh I want you…

Like the leaves needs their green,

Their orange, red and brown too…

Oh I want you…

Like a dream,

That yearns, aches to come true…

Oh I want you…

Not in past tense

But in my present sense…

And my future intense!

Want me,

Won’t you?

~ Maulshri*

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