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Jan 04 2014

Fall Before You Fly

Red Bellied Woodpecker: Photographer: Maulshri Rajdhan

Red Bellied Woodpecker: Photographer: Maulshri Rajdhan


“Sometimes you’ve got to fall before you can fly” 

I had forgotten to fill up the bird feeder outside.

Around lunch time I heard a bam! on the glass kitchen door. What do I see? This gorgeous little creature fallen face down in the snow.

My heart began to race and hope she was still alive.

She couldn’t breathe in the snow I knew, so I picked her up and placed her in a container. She was badly dazed by the hit yet alive. Neck intact.
In a few minutes…She flew away… And I teared up in relief.

Immediately I went outside and filled up the bird feeder. Something told me this little one came to remind me.

Nature talks to us, if only we listen…

Thank you for the reminder little birdy. ♥

©Maulshri Rajdhan

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