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  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
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Feb 28 2014

I Am Woman


“I am woman
I bend, I don’t break!”
~ Chozenwoman

Women are my celebrities!

This picture intrigued me.

Is that a real woman? I thought.

Of course it is!
Don’t we see examples of this “bending” every single day? Women, intensely bending… yet not breaking?

The strength in this “bending” jumps out at me. Not just the physical strength… I speak of mental tenacity.
I speak of the power, vigor, hardiness, vivacity and dynamism
that is W O M A N.

I have met and know a lot of incredibly strong women who know how to crazily bend, yet they never break!

To that power and strength of women, I bow.
To that tenacity that is yours as a woman, I rejoice.
Some call it a curse, I call it internal heaven… 
A gift that is yours, as a woman… know it is sacred. 
A space of empowerment that is yours by birth… revel in it. 
A skill that is innate, for you are W O M A N,
Tenacious, bold and gorgeous!

Rejoice, for no matter what, know you are the stronger sex!

W O M A N … 
… the Being whose sacred womb creates other Beings.
…. the Being who nurtures, supports, loves, creates and is an indefatigable spirit!

Love is … a Woman.

Adore the ones who adore you.
Never take them for granted else there will come a day
When they will prefer the heartache of leaving you
Than embracing the pain of being used by you. 

Believe it or not!


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