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Aug 18 2013

It’s All Part Of The Plan

Photo credit: Viv Rajdhan

Photo credit: Viv Rajdhan

“I’m alright! It’s all part of the plan… more or less!”
~ Tarini Rajdhan

Yes! Believe it or not, she does say this… My almost 3 year old daughter… and there are only specific times that she chooses to say these words… but first let me tell you how she learnt them…

She watches a cartoon called ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ once in a while. Loves it! Goes on with the “Ahoy, Ahoy!” all day.

So, Jake, the pirate, says these words. Whenever he can’t seem to figure out something or something untoward happens he says… “Its all part of the plan, more or less!”

When does Tarini say this?
Every time she falls.

Yes, every time she falls she says “Mamma I’m alright! Its all part of the plan, more or less!” and then gets right back up and starts running like nothing every happened…. leaving me… aghast!

Why does she choose these particular words?
How did she figure out the context?
Why does she say this only when she falls?

I have no idea!
But I am so intrigued…

Think about it…

If, every time you fall…or something untoward and painful happens… you stare hard at yourself and say… “It’s all part of the plan, more or less,” … then get right back up, dust the pain off, stand upright and walk out that door to take on your world once again…

How would it make you feel?
Why do you think we lose this fantastic ability to heal, as adults?

Remember, if this two and a half year old can, so can we!

© Maulshri Rajdhan

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