• "I see what you don’t. Write about things least spoken of. Speak less, listen more. Watch less, observe more. Know more by learning more. Attach less, detach more. Be seen less, remembered more. And believe that less is, in fact, more."
  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
  • "Life is not a straight line. It is a circle. See you a-round!"
  • If you do not wish to cross the bridge when you get to it go ahead, take a boat... either way, cross over, you will have to."

Jun 27 2013

Let Me Be A Fish



While writing to a dear friend the other day, I realised I’m like a fish in an aquarium.

Now don’t make funny faces… let me explain :)

If you’re like me, (God help you!), you search for intensity in every relationship you make. I hope you’ve realized, as I have too, that this search is a search without results, majority of the times! This is one search that Google or Bing cannot help with or fight about.

A strong bond, intense relationship, closeness, openness, comfort, authenticity… These precious gems are not found easily. Does that mean we stop searching? No. Please don’t. I will not till I breathe my last.

So where does being a fish fit into all this? 

A fish in an aquarium rises to the surface every time you sprinkle food for it. Survive, she must. Eat, she must. To do so, she needs to rise to the occasion, literally, to touch the surface, where she usually does not reside. Go places that are outside her comfort zone.

Having taken what she needs for survival, she dives back in, into her depth. Into her own ocean of peace.

Rise to the surface
Watch life’s circus

Don’t be nervous
Its all for a purpose…

Then dive back in
Every now and then

Get back into your skin
And touch your ocean within.


Let me be a fish!

Will you join me?

© Maulshri Rajdhan

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