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Nov 09 2015

Light A Lamp

Keep the lamp lit - Photographer: Maulshri

Keep the lamp lit – Photographer: Maulshri


Light A Lamp
… and see the world with new eyes


What do I mean by this?

When I say, “light a lamp” I mean turn the light on in the darkest corner of your life, no matter how ugly and painful that corner is.

By facing the truth of your darkness for what it truly is, you face your fear and eventually get over it.

Stop lying to yourself. Call a situation for what it is.


“How do I do this?” you ask.

First of all, perform the action physically. Literally, light a lamp or a candle, everyday in your home.
You do not have to believe in any particular religion or deity to perform this act. If you’d like to keep things religion free, simply place a lamp in front of your favorite painting or photograph of a gorgeous landscape or flower, the choice is yours. You could even place a lamp in front of a vase with a bunch of your favorite flowers in it.

What I’m emphasizing on is the act of lighting a lamp, everyday, in your space.

Lighting a lamp has several benefits…

1. The first being, it literally lights a space up, a space or a corner in your home that was unlit all this while. This is symbolic of lighting up that dark space in your mind that has been drenched in darkness all this while.
2. Two, fire is believed to be sacred, it is respected – introduce this sacredness in your life. When man first discovered fire it changed his life forever in several ways. We are simply using the same principle.
3. Fire is used to purify and nullify. It is used to create as well as destroy (in this context, destroy negativity). It is used to celebrate (fireworks are used as an expression of celebration.)

So light a flame in your space.

Physically brighten an unlit corner in your space… everyday. 


When I say, “see the world with new eyes,” I mean alter or completely change the way you perceive life and the situations therein.
The life that happens to you is because of how and what you perceive. Change your perception and outlook and life will happen in new ways.

I know this is not easy but it is not impossible either and THAT is what intrigues me.

Try and understand it as a logical concept first: that if you change the way you look at things, including yourself, it will result in different outcomes. This is applicable to how you view yourself as well as someone else.

Begin with self first, is my sincere advice. Fix yourself first.


“But how do I change perception of self if I can’t even see myself anymore? I feel invisible.”

If you are feeling so down in the dumps that you have no clue how to change your perception of life, if you feel that your energy is so low that you are unable to bring yourself up, then I’d suggest going the blind man’s way.
By this I don’t mean you go blind so you can’t see anything at all. What I mean is, introduce a pair of new eyes in your life – see the world through someone else’s eyes.

See yourself, through a person’s eyes who we can call a Guru, a friend, messenger, angel, advisor… one who sees you for who you are, cherishes your existence, believes in you and desires to see you grow. Someone who knows you well and can help you see yourself for the beautiful person that you are, someone who can revive hope within you.


“Who else’s eyes? Who can be this person? What are some of the traits he/she should possess?”

– This person would be an adult in your life who you implicitly trust with your eyes closed. Have you noticed how a blind person will cross a busy street with the stranger who comes to help him? It is a blind man’s instinct, to trust someone who can see the world the way he cannot. In that instant, the blind person will hold this stranger’s hand and walk with confidence, hope and belief that he will in fact reach the other side of the street safe and sound.

– This person should be more experienced in life than you are, thus qualifying to be your advisor. Someone stable, grounded, successful (based on your definition of success), someone who knows more than you do and genuinely wants the best for you.

– Someone who is an optimist, who loves life and has the ability to laugh through the toughest of times, one who knows pain but also knows how to rise above it.

– A person who does not make instant judgments about people, one who is open minded.


I’m assuming here you have at least one adult like this in your life who you can trust with your life. If not, “seek and ye shall find. Ask and it will be given to you; knock and it will be opened to you.”

This advisor could be a parent or a companion, a relative or a best friend.

See yourself through this person’s eyes. Resuscitate yourself with some much-needed CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).
Question what he/she sees in you that is so wonderful.

Love is an empowering tool. When you receive it, you are nourished inside out. Allow yourself this gift. Allow someone to love you especially when you are unable to love yourself because of all that is going on in your life.
Allow this person to light the lamp for you in your darkest corner.
Accept help.

Open yourself to criticism from this person. Take the critique as “areas of improvement”.

Be open to asking and following the advice of this person. When you don’t know any better, ask someone who does.

Agree that you do not know everything. This is a universal fact and truth about every single person on this Planet. No ONE person knows everything. We all learn from each other.


“How does this happen?”

It happens because each one of us, I believe, is interconnected. We are one breed. We are all human beings. By this common aspect between us, we share a collective consciousness. Each of our individual consciousness, our existence, core self, is connected wirelessly with other human beings on this Planet. This is why it is said that the action of one affects many. It is a ripple effect. The seed one person sows is the tree the next generation will sit under. Sow wisely.

Allow yourself to live life with the ability to include instead of exclude.

When you can’t see yourself as you dress up for a party, what do you include to be able to see how you look?

A mirror.

Allow this person, advisor, Guru, messenger or friend, to be your mirror, to be your anchor to this life. We all deserve at least one person like this in our lives. Find him/her. Acknowledge and include him/her in your life.


Stop living your life like a piece of driftwood. You may look like art but the fact remains that driftwood is washed ashore onto a beach of a sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides or waves that it faces. It is a broken, faded, beaten up piece of wood.

If driftwood is you, the winds, tides and waves are life’s situations that are beating you up. Stop living your life like a piece of beaten up, washed ashore driftwood.

If you look like art, make sure your life is artistic too.
So this Diwali, light a lamp for yourself first and then you will realize that with your one lamp lit, you can light up every other unlit lamp that comes your way.


Light a lamp

And see the world and yourself with new eyes…

Because your life is so worth it!

Happy Diwali 2015


For further discussions or questions on the views I have expressed,

feel free to email me at author@maulshri.com


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  1. namita

    Beautifully written, Its something I need to do :). lone overdue ..thanks ..

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