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Sep 07 2014

The “Mad Scientist”

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Nikola Tesla: Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

“Our first endeavors are purely instinctive prompting of an imagination vivid and undisciplined…
As we grow older, reason asserts itself and we become more and more systematic and designing…
Those early impulses, though not immediately productive, are the greatest and may shape our destinies!”
~ Nikola Tesla

True Story

I happen to love Nikola Tesla.

Born: 1856
Died: 1943

Mystical, brilliant, courageous, rebellious, creative, had a wondrous imagination and intense self-belief.

A man who thought much, MUCH ahead of his time…
One who was called “mad scientist” by most around him.
It is believed that he has over 800 patents to his name!

He was duped, back-stabbed by those he trusted, the ones who could only think of earning a quick buck while he dedicated his entire life to benefit the entire world with his discoveries.

His aim was not to be the richest man in terms of money, his aim was to enrich the world with his discoveries.

Nikola was all about, as Thoreau said, “rising above a life of quiet desperation.” He acted! Not just spoke. He was audacious!

In 1900, while in New York City, Nikola wrote a sensational article for ‘Century Magazine’ in which he eagerly described his plans for a future where:
- one could tap the sun’s energy,
- control the weather with electricity,
- end war with machines that would make war an impossibility,
- wirelessly transmit power and radio signals around the entire globe,
- engage in interplanetary communications and
- even construct robotic “automatons” that would conduct themselves independent of operators.

WOW! In 1900! And he professed to have the knowledge to accomplish all of the above.

His most important discovery and the one I find extremely intriguing…

He found that the earth was “literally alive with electrical vibrations and that the entire planet could be thrown into vibration like a tuning fork!”
His creation, the ‘Tesla coil’ was used to send powerful electrical surges into the earth.
He created the world’s largest man-made lightning bolts.
He believed that this phenomenon could be used to transmit unlimited electrical power and telecommunication signals anywhere in the world with virtually no signal loss or degradation.
His experiments were a resounding success!

He fascinates me. His intuitiveness as a scientist, intrigues me.

Added factor? Good looks and intensely deep eyes!  :)
Nikola insisted on taking care of himself, had a particular sense of style and dressing and believed that in order to be successful, one needed to look successful.

For these and many more of his ‘character’ qualities, I’d have fallen in love with this man. I’ve always felt I’ve been born in the wrong generation.

Breaks my heart that he died alone and penniless in a hotel room in NYC. Yes! Penniless! Alone!
He was 86 years old.

Two days before he died, he placed the ‘do not disturb’ sign on his door knob. I believe his instincts were strong enough for him to have known that he was in fact, going to die.

Shame on those who stole all his belongings within 24 hours of his death. His body, books, diaries, everything was gone and labelled “top secret” by the US Government.

Nikola Tesla, definitely among my favorite celebrities.
A man much ahead of his time in his thoughts.
Born too early while I was born too late!


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Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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