• "I see what you don’t. Write about things least spoken of. Speak less, listen more. Watch less, observe more. Know more by learning more. Attach less, detach more. Be seen less, remembered more. And believe that less is, in fact, more."
  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
  • "Life is not a straight line. It is a circle. See you a-round!"
  • If you do not wish to cross the bridge when you get to it go ahead, take a boat... either way, cross over, you will have to."

Dec 31 2013

Magical 2014


~ 2014 ~

“Ye lamhe, ye pal hum, barson yaad karenge… 
Ye mausam chale gaye to, hum fariyad karenge…barson yaad karenge”
“ये लम्हे, ये पल हम, बरसों याद करेंगे,
ये मौसम चले गए तो, हम फ़रियाद करेंगे, बरसों याद करेंगे…”

‘Lamhe’: What a beautiful movie… released in 1991. Watched it again… loved each moment (lamha). Still remembered a few dialogues too. My sister and I have enjoyed belly aching laughs watching this movie. Precious moments…

On the eve of the new year,
I wish we always have precious moments to remember…
Moments that bring back happy memories…
Momentous moments that bring tears of joy and fill our hearts with warmth…
Moments that create memories worth holding on to…
Moments that may last only a few seconds but give you the strength and will to live your entire life!

The lessons that stand out for me in 2013…

- It is only when your heart breaks is when you realise who really cares for you.
- Intrinsically everyone is nice. It’s circumstances that create monsters.
- Too much fake-ness around. Even among those very close. No one is spared.
- Google can’t help in looking and finding everything.
- ‘Listening’ is an art, a gift that we can give to each other. Listen more, talk less.
- Love is…Life is … I’m not… but still, I am a tiny drop in the ocean, and as long as I am… I must give.
It is only when we give parts of ourselves away, is when we will outlive ourselves! So go ahead, be fearless and Outlive Yourself !!

- And the most important lesson… LET IT GO!

With this, I let go of the year 2013 and everything that came with it, except the lessons it brought me. These lessons are my moments.

Wish you a new year full of moments that are “just right” for you,
Moments that leave you speechless and spellbound.
Moments that strengthen your will to live, love and give.

Wish everyone one a magical New Year!

©Maulshri Rajdhan

Facebook: Maulshri Shukla Rajdhan

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