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Dec 14 2012

Newtown, Connecticut, USA

Photo courtesy: fox40.com

A catastrophe occurred today, December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Several people were shot at while inside a school. From the twenty six who were shot dead, twenty were children in the age group 5 to 10 years.
I am deeply mournful and this is one of those events that makes my spirit shudder. Tears streamed down my face as I listened to the details of the horrific event.
Sandy Hook School, just another day today is how they started out. Little did they know that today was going to be a horrifying day.9am EST, children and teachers were settled in their respective classrooms. The day at school began just like any other day. Children were seated at their desks, listening to their teachers, learning to be good children, being taught to believe in the ‘niceness’ that surrounds them, learning to do the right thing, things that matter… the ‘good’. Learning to love not hate. Care not hurt. Nourish not destroy.9:35am EST, Children playing games, singing, drawing pictures of their families.9:40am EST: Within seconds the scene of a regular school day of fun, learning and safety turned into a massacre. Shots were fired.Each human being in that school building heard gun shots. Fear, insecurity, everything dark and painful permeated each one of them. People scrambled to hide, deal with frightened children as well as their own fears and many witnessed children being shot and killed on the spot.As bodies lay around them, for those who survived this massacre, their lives have changed and been wounded forever. Those who were lost, their deaths have left deep scars, especially on the souls of their family members.

Mine too.

Personally though, I’m not sure how many more scars I can take. Long gone is the feeling “this can’t happen here”; “this can’t happen to me”; “this can’t happen where I live.”

Are we fit to call ourselves human beings?

Friday the 14th of December, 2012 has been a day marked by evil, for this town in Connecticut.

I think I owe you an apology Doomsday. For this and SEVERAL more such events, we SO deserve you. Come and get us!

© Maulshri Rajdhan

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