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Sep 29 2012

Our Ivory Towers


Mrs. Annoying: “Did you hear about that poor lawyer girl who was brutally killed in her apartment by the security guard? By the way, Mrs Khanna was wearing this obnoxious saaree at the kitty party the other day. I almost threw up looking at her!”

Mr. Uncool: “My suits are especially tailored to compliment my body type. By the way are you coming to the “help children born with cleft lips” fundraiser tonight? I hear the who’s who of the fashion industry will be there.”

Mr. Whatever: “The problems of our country are just too many to list. Anyway, I’m going on a road trip tomorrow to the lake. Would you like to join us?”

Mrs. Self-Absorbed: “The Indian Chinese is just super in this part of the city. Last week we tried that new Thai restaurant. Oh that reminds me, did you hear of the family in New York who starved their three foster children to death? Unbelievable!”

Ms.Bleach: “Mrs Sharma’s daughter is thirty-three and is still unmarried. Do you think it’s because she has a dark complexion?”

Heard similar ludicrous statements lately?

Sometimes people remind me of poor jokes. They don’t need punch lines, they need punches! They don’t need alarm clocks, they need alarming shocks!! Listening to a degenerating human species makes my skin crawl and blood boil.

I strongly believe that each one of us, me included, needs to step down from our ivory towers and realise that we’ve seen nothing, experienced nothing and need to stop magnifying our ‘privileged-world’ problems. We need to stop harping about some ridiculous problem like “my golf cart got a flat tyre this morning!” or “oh damn I have a chipped nail, could my day GET any worse!”

Get over yourself. Stop complaining about your toilet not having the right coloured tiles when there are those who will never have access to a decent toilet. Stop complaining to the world of how cramped your four bedroom home feels. There are millions who live on the streets.

Eat a piece of the humility pie, swallow the damn thing with a glass of your green pride. Do this every single morning especially while grumbling you have nothing ‘nice’ to wear. Drown your own harp and string someone else’s for a change. Learn to tune a guitar before playing one. Listen to others more than you speak about yourself. When someone calls you, remember to give them the opportunity to speak. Everyone likes to be heard once in a while. Remember others love their family too, you’re not unique in this space. Know that others have problems to tackle too.

Life is what happens when most of us sleep soundly in our cozy beds.


Anyone ever find time to think about…

Our soldiers on the border?

The women forced every night in brothels?

The children who sleep hungry most nights?

The animals who are killed for game?

Our elders who are dumped in old age homes?

Homeless people?


We have NO clue of what problems really are by sitting and posting Facebook status’ of so called problems, through our smart phones.

Lets get over ourselves!

Blowing one’s own trumpet is what I also call….. a blow job!!

© Maulshri Rajdhan

Photo courtesyDubaiCityOlx.ae

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