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Oct 07 2013

Photographs Talk To Me

Photographs talk to me.

Photographs move me.

Unlike people, they speak softly. Clearly. Vividly. Visually.
Providing clarity of colour, emotion, intentions and sensitivity.

Unlike people, photographs do not twitch or waver,
They do not distract, lose confidence, don’t hide the truth
And certainly do not lie.

Photo Credit: kpphotography.ca

Photo Credit: kpphotography.ca

It is interesting how black and white photographs bring out the true colours of a person… it is after all “black & white” right!

The shades of grey intrigue me;
The overlapping of the black with the white stills me.
The myriad shades of grey, minutely differentiating each pixel and each pixel in turn creating an expression, a movement, a stillness, an emotion, a feeling, a sense…. a breath…it all feels intensely magical to me.
I’m addicted.



Be it colour or black and white photography, expressions need no colour to define them and to accentuate them. They are the least racist part of our existence. Michael Jackson got it so right when he sang “it don’t matter if its black or white!” It really doesn’t matter if its yellow, brown, green, blue, red and all the shades in between. For expressions have their own language, and ‘colour’ is inconsequential.

When I look at photographs, I feel each grain, each element passing within me, through me…
I hear the silence; the one that resides within each pixel, the one that defines each expression…it speaks.
I see that drop of sweat on the brow, or the one that was sliding off the face but got caught red handed.
I see the tear drops that lie still born.
Feelings take on a magnified sense of comprehending. Knowing. Sensing. Conveying.


The Eyes… oh the beautiful eyes… what a give away they are!
Their sparkle or lack of it, their colour, wetness, brightness, dullness, quietness… their dreams, aspirations, losses, gains… each pixel holds the key to the elements that talk to me.

The eyes truly are the windows to the soul. When the soul speaks our eyes shriek. The soul is heard when our eyes blur. The eyes show what our soul knows.


I am not a photographer, but I have been told time and time again that I can read photographs.
Have been doing so for the last five years.

Why? Because of the positive feedback I get from those I have done readings for and because of the benefits people have experienced from my readings.

People and places are my speciality.

Tools I use:

- Psychometry: providing insights holding an object that belongs to a person: object such as a piece of jewellery / watch / glasses

- Walk-throughs of places / homes along with their photographs


For more information and for appointments

©Maulshri Rajdhan

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  1. Judith Dennis

    I enjoy your thinking and posts. I am a photographer, writer, artist, tarot reader just some of my talents. Your FB was very touching and meaningful, emotional felt a connection.

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