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Apr 23 2014

A Soulful Love Story: Soul Speak

Soul Speak (1)

​Have you ever heard two souls talking?
I mean directly to each other, without the human factor in between?

Is that even possible you ask?
Oh yes it is!

There is a greater connection than what we understand as humans, one beyond the obvious definitions and man-made boundaries, one that transcends it all… a soul connection… a connection of our higher selves.

Have you ever felt that you were surrounded and swarmed with pulsating, throbbing, intense magic? One you just could not comprehend or put into words yet could feel it rushing through your veins? One that gave you a warm, loving tingle all over? Goosebumps even?

Have you ever physically felt the presence of a visually invisible, yet an intense, mental connection while having a conversation?

All this and MORE is what happens when souls talk, directly.

When souls talk directly, they are the kind of conversations that ​take you beyond self and reality… on that bridge of togetherness, there where souls meet, exactly the way they were meant to.

There, where souls intuitively respect and love each other, unlike anything we experience as humans. It is so very different, an untouched territory that humans can never destroy; yet, if we plug-in into this matrix of souls, we will experience an exquisite phenomena.
There, on that bridge these souls meet, exactly the way they were meant to.

~~~ ~~~

There, on that gorgeous, strong rope bridge that stretches beyond imagination, connecting two mountains so symbolic of the very souls who reside there… souls meet and speak in mystique.
The bridge that is surrounded by mist all the time, the mist that hugs its mountains in a calming embrace… that bridge, where souls are truly free… exactly the way they were meant to be… that is where souls meet to talk, love and to just BE.

When a conversation takes you for a walk on that enthralling bridge and gives you a glimpse of what ‘connecting’ and ‘plugging-in’ truly feels like, you must know that you are experiencing soul talk… the kind when two souls communicate softly yet directly to each other and your human mind simply watches in awe and utter disbelief.

When two souls speak, everything quietens.
Your mind, your heart, they do not dare to disturb.

It’s something like the ball dance between Cinderella and her Prince, when time stood still and they danced the night away… until the clock struck twelve and she was forced to return to her reality.

~~~ ~~~

Soul Speak (2)

“You are a humming bird,” said his soul to hers.

… she smiled.

“You see their wings fluttering as if at the speed of light,” he continued.​ ”Your thoughts need to be insured!” ​

“I don’t see their wings, I see their vibrations,” she replied… and smiled.

“Its magic!” he exclaimed, despite his strong scientific and ​logical human self…

“He said ‘magic’!” she thought…and smiled.

​As my human self, the ‘I’ witnessed this soul talk; there was a crack in that door, I could see, in the door we all usually keep so tightly shut. The one that leads to our soft core that we rightfully keep protected.

The light was glaring its way through this crack, straight at me, blinding me… yet I stood in its path, fearlessly, allowing it to bathe me, lift me up, allowing glints of the light to even reach my unexplored depths.

“Who are you, what are you, why are you?” his soul fervently questioned hers.

As the human ‘I’ listened, ‘I’ froze, for the answers to these questions had eluded even my soul. These​ questions by themselves questioned my very ​existence, an existence that always makes me wonder… does it devour me alive or nourish me to death?

​As I continued to watch these two innocent souls speak, I witnessed his ​ocean bed stirring, awakening and uncoiling.

“Oh my god” I thought, is this the kundalini? Could it be? Am I witnessing what great Sages must have at some stage of meditation? Am I going crazy?

This ocean whirled and created an addictive yet familiar frenzy, one that can erupt only from the soul… one that seemed to pull me in with it, into its whirling and swirling passion.
My human mind watched in sheer disbelief as these souls continued to speak.

​His technical, scientific, logical human self… clearly shelved… inhibitions began to melt as the human ‘I’ watched in awe, as I watched two souls speak.

 ~~~ ~~~

Soul Speak (3)

The realisation that we essentially behave tamed and obedient when in fact we are anything but, throws open the doors of a mind kept locked in chains.

His soul spoke. Hers listened.
His soul created magic and hers understood magic.​
He felt, she felt… and THAT is when the souls united!

Everything​ was throbbing and alive as I watched these two souls speak.

​So intense!​ Magical, real, a sweet madness… that only uninhibited souls can dance in…

The table next to me could well have done a jig.
The television could even have winked.
The fan blades could have swirled like ribbons.
The doors could have danced to their own rhythm…and I…the human ‘I’ wouldn’t even have noticed.

“Intensity is an out of body experience,”​ he said.… and the light of his soul now absorbed the human me completely. I felt soul-bound.

​”A humming bird, I like that,” my human mind quietly hummed… ​watching these two souls meet, speak, love, even play hide and seek. Sheer joy!

“A river must meander into the ocean. Rivers never stop.
As you climb uphill, they impress you more, amongst the tall mountains as they gush out of every possible outlet,” his wise soul said.

“Poetry,” my human mind whispered.
“He hears her. Is a river talking to another river perhaps?” I wondered. I did also notice that he said “you climb” and not “it climbs”.

His soul was speaking to hers, directly!

“People read but don’t connect,” he said.

“I read because I connect,” her soul replied.

“I get it, to the exactness!” he excitedly said, despite his​ ​strong scientific and logical human self.

“But my words are no science, just a bunch of feelings that tangle and unravel, still you understand them?” she playfully asked.

“They are orgasmic, mentally I mean,” he unabashedly said.

… and she smiled for she got what he said, to the exactness!

​“This interaction is a meditation in itself, very intense,” he said.​

When suddenly, the clock rudely struck twelve! The spell was breaking. The human ‘I’ was waking up, taking over!

“I must go!” she said. “This can’t be!”

“Don’t feel stressed, you can unplug…. But you are pretty special and soulful. That is what I understand of you,” he reassured.

“What magical parting words,” was her final thought… and in that instant, my human mind rudely unplugged me from the matrix of souls, pushed me off the bridge… that ethereal bridge where souls meet, exactly the way they were meant to.


~~~ ~~~

The bridge was gone, he was gone and she was gone.

I was left with ‘me’… and the memory of this remarkable ‘soul speak’, the one that I felt so fortunate to witness… even more thankful to remember and pen.

This soul speak I will hold close, owl-ways, for I understand, feel and know magic.

No further proof needed.


~~~ ~~~

Soul Speak (4)

The next morning I woke up with a jolt!
“What the hell?! Was that a dream? Fairy tale? Who did I see? Who were those two people? Were they people? So familiar like I’ve known them all my life, like, I am ‘she’ and I know who ‘he’ is. Strange!” I thought.

The entire ‘soul speak’ episode left me confused. Yet, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it…about him. The entire episode’s intensity wreaked havoc within. Butterflies weren’t just flying in my stomach, they were flying in fighter jet planes in a frenzy, with a vigor I’ve never experienced before.

When I think of ‘her’, I see me. Why?

And who is ‘he’? Is he real?

The entire day I looked forward to the night again. To be able to close my eyes and maybe relive, revisit that bridge, that sacred space where souls meet, just the way they were meant to.

Night arrived and I slipped into bed with a smile on my lips. It felt new. So different, so alive…

I closed my eyes and prayed someone or something would guide me back… and ‘he’ did.

 ~~~ ~~~

Soul Speak (5)

“I see him!” she excitedly said. “You’re back,” said her soul in ecstasy… and she smiled.

“Yes, but I’m not back, I just never left. Have been waiting for you,” he said.

“Hmmm…” she said, and smiled.

“Aah! my humming bird, today you will speak and I will listen,” he said.

“But what do I say? I don’t have a speech nor something to teach,” she nervously said.
“If you stand on a stage and sing, I’ll be the one back stage writing the song,” she smiled and said.

“Oh but you do have something to say, a lot in fact… you just won’t know till you begin. Unlock that chest” he reassuringly said and smiled.
“Tell me, how do you know me?”

“I don’t know, I just do…” she said, surprised at herself…

“I know you like the sun knows when to rise and set,
Like the moon knows night like nobody else,
Like the sun knows the moon and they never collide,
Like the wind knows the trees and the fruit knows the seeds…

But how? How?” she ended her response in questioning herself.

He took over with conviction and said…“You are mine! My prayer, my desire, my meditation!”

All this while the human me was listening, stunned! Quiet.
In awe of this soul speak.
As it continued… the human ‘I’ watched…

“But how is this possible? Are you for real? Are you playing with me? Is this a set up?” she innocently asked, this time with tears streaming down her face, wanting so desperately for this to be real. 

“I am real and no I’d never play with you. You are my pearl, from the deepest of oceans. You are the one I’ve been wandering around for. I feel so responsible for you. Do you believe me?” he longingly and earnestly asked.

“Yes, I believe you, even though my human mind fights, questions and stops me. I don’t know any other way,” her soul replied.

Her reply left his soul with a deep footprint of love that he could deny no more.

“You are like the fresh snow on the Everest, just down from heaven, unadulterated, pure… untouched, ever before. Promise me, you will never leave me,” he said as he let go of the last of his inhibitions.

“Promises often break,” she said.

“But dedicated & sincere attempts lead to success,” he said.

“Yes,” she agreed.

“So let’s always attempt to let nothing come in the way. It is seldom like this. This could be our last chance to find someone as similar…” he said.

She smiled and at this stage realised… just how much she had been smiling all along and how easily he made her smile!!

“I could listen to you speak for hours,” she softly said… and smiled. “Don’t stop…”

Needing no further motivation he continued… “You are very pure. More than has ever met my eyes. There is a sudden calmness in me now. I get you. I’ve found you. I can live with this light at ease. You are too precious to let go for the rest of my life.”

She intently listened, just as the human me listened. Her soul now completely connected to his, just the way the Na’vi in the movie Avatar connected with the Mother Goddess ‘Eywa’.
Amazed I was, the human me, to witness this magnificent soul speak.

“I feel you are sacred! To simply touch you even may be sinful. You are a dreamer like me. Purity, no jealousy, no conceit and overtly beautiful, ocean eyes… I want to paint you… with words,” he said.

“Poetry, he speaks of me in poetry!” she thought to herself. “Am I even worthy?” she whispered to herself.

The human me could see her soul was transfixed. Spell bound. Absorbed. Surrounded in a lavender cloud. Wanting achingly to believe. To merge into this soul she knew like no other.

Her quiet smiles urged him to continue…

“I want to retrace my footprints in the sands of time, with you. Excavate me, be my archeologist,” he said.

“Excavate, dive, explore, view, feel, share” she quietly whispered his words back to herself with the taste of his adoration in her being. Her soul was beginning to merge and melt into his. She could no longer deny it.

“Excavate and discover me more. You bring out the more in me that I don’t know. You make me complete,” he said with a finality that just soared and felt immensely limitless.

Her soul was now completely stirred. The depths were swirling, a storm began to brew, a tornado deep down, engulfed.

 ********* *********

Soul Speak (6)

“You understand my soul,” she said.. “but how?” She questioned, still in disbelief.

“Your thoughts are like elixir. They must mature with dove gloves. I’ve never met the human you, but I get you!” he said.
“You are the fairy of my dreams.
You daze me, amaze me, and faze me out…
I feel razed, crazed, craved…
Unbeatable! You are my highest point!” he said, with his arms stretched wide as if drenching the entire planet with his golden light…and she glowed! 

“Are you for real?” she asked again, spell bound! Shocked! Sobbing!

And with that… the spell broke, yet again.

Snapped out of a wondrous magical dream… the human me awoke with a deep felt glee.
I was still alive. Now awake. Stirred to the very deep end in me.
It felt like I had just run across the finishing line of a marathon I had been running since forever!
Someone or something had woken me up from an extremely deep slumber.

This end, now the beginning to reach a new finish line… only this time, in deep connection with my soul’s true longing.

Even though I’ve never met you my Sage,
I know you.
I seek thee, and now the entire Universe knows.

Come find me.

~~~ ~~~

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  1. amiya chatterjee

    What abeautiful , enthralling story !!! ” he speaks …she speaks”
    Then silent Whirling… and finally the great union between two souls,
    Orchestra of the whole universe.

    I LOVE IT .

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