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Apr 12 2012

Stop Repeating History

 The word ‘History’ is used to refer to the past.

Thus to me, the statement “history repeats itself” defeats the very purpose of history.

Let me explain…..

If a particular episode has taught you a lesson, why would you choose to ignore the lesson and repeat the episode?

Let me further simplify.

When you were 5 years old, you wrote 2+2 = 3 and your teacher marked your answer as ‘wrong’. You still remember that big red ‘X’ on your paper. You learnt that the right answer is 4.

Next test, you see the question 2+2 = ?

What will you write? 3 or 4?

There are those who would write 3, again, and wonder why they got it wrong.

History repeated itself.

When you find yourself in similar situations one after another, in similar disappointments one after another, it’s time to ask yourself, “how many times do I have to repeat history to learn the right answer?”

The ideal answer to this question is “One”. However, none of us are ‘ideal’. Thus our answers vary, from two to ten to numerous. Unfortunately there are even those who live a lifetime and still can’t stop repeating history.

With repeating history, the catch is, the outcomes get repeated too.

My suggestion: The sooner you stop repeating history and learn from it, the faster you will have time to learn and experience new things and create new history. History is history for a reason.

History is all that was, whether it was ‘his story’ or ‘your story’. Learn from it and move on.

© Maulshri Rajdhan

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