• "I see what you don’t. Write about things least spoken of. Speak less, listen more. Watch less, observe more. Know more by learning more. Attach less, detach more. Be seen less, remembered more. And believe that less is, in fact, more."
  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
  • "Life is not a straight line. It is a circle. See you a-round!"
  • If you do not wish to cross the bridge when you get to it go ahead, take a boat... either way, cross over, you will have to."

Mar 01 2010


Life was uncomplicated and healthier I guess, when ‘Apples’ and ‘Blackberries’ were still only fruits, a ‘book’ was something you’d read turning pages, not scrolling, we wrote letters and had better handwriting, games were played outside home instead of being cooped up in a room for days staring at a computer and life was being lived instead of being blogged !

Much as I may adore technology and use it intensely and fervently, there are some things I would not like technology to change in my life. I do feel technology has taken away a large chunk of our natural senses and connections. Our senses are being converted into chips and not the kinds we eat. 

Emails !! Does anyone even know what their handwriting looks like anymore? I love fountain pens. I love the way the soft tip of the nib feels when it touches the paper, a drop of ink the paper absorbs and as you move your hand ever so slightly, the soft nib glides on the paper, the ink creating a whirlwind of ornate lines that actually mean something. Feelings come to life in words that have been written by your hand. Every slant, twist, curve, dot and twirl means something. Handwriting reflects a person’s inner core. Leave that untouched.

E-Books/Audio Books!! I love books….the REAL ones. The way a new book smells, feels, the power it has to speak to your intellect without a sound, transport you to lands unknown without movement, jolt you into realization without electric current, heal your core without medicine and teach you without punishment. 

I love animals. The ones you can sense, cuddle, feed, bathe and walk, unlike ‘virtual pets’!! Whoever came up with that one must detest ‘life’. Love me?
So love my dog!! 

Wooden frames!! Aahh!!

The classic way of displaying a picture. Just one per frame, thank you. Unlike a ‘digital photo frame’!!

It will store up to a thousand photographs and will keep switching every few seconds, just like the zillions of thoughts that go through my head. No thank you. I could do without that. One picture that tells a story, reminds me of a smile or a tear, one space, dedicated to that special picture is how I like it. Few, but special. 

I love printing photographs. Something has to go into those frames right? Again, few, but 
special. There’s something different about looking at photographs in an album. I still make albums. Few, but special. For those special memories that I’d like to curl up with. A photo album, look at it for as long as you like, sitting in that comfortable chair of yours and I assure you, the album will not require a cooling fan!!

‘Online Friends’!! Now that is a tough one to get rid off. Especially when I live far away from all the family and friends I have. It hurts. Technology has definitely provided me a ‘virtual space’ to keep in ‘touch’. How contradictory though isn’t it? Virtual – space – touch? If it were to me, I would live where my family and friends are super accessible. No virtual reality, no space, just reality and touch. 

I do not hate technology. I’m blogging!! However, I want real things to remain real and not become virtually lost in space. No online haircuts, online make-up, online relationships and online dating!!

Meet people, connect with people, hold hands, see them smile without using smileys, hear their laughter without using ear phones, spend the night talking without using phones, take a walk and don’t forget to wear your shoes. Love someone looking into their eyes without using a web cam. Emote, without using emoticons. 

 © Maulshri Rajdhan

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