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  • "Today, organs can get replaced but no one has found a replacement for lost trust, abandoned hearts, shattered souls and tears that flowed. Imagine that!"
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Feb 26 2014

Tell Me…


Guest Writer:
Amiya Chatterjee
(Click here to find him on Facebook)
Poet, Mentor,
University of London
Currently resides in Calcutta, India
“Tell Me… 
Tell me the colour of your desires
so that I can set my canvas and paint,
tell me the colour of your sidelong glance
so that i can tie up my turban
and sit by the ghat of Benares,
Tell me the colour of your
sleepless nights
so that I can mournfully play G minor
on the Harpsichord,
Tell me the colour of your tears
when i burn
so that the flames can dance like dervishes
holding your hands.”
February 18 at 11:46pm 
Maulshri Shukla Rajdhan : Amiya Da… my attempt to tell you… 
White is the color of my desires…White
The one that defines every canvas.
Frame that for me, for it reflects all the colors!

GoldGolden, is the color of my sidelong glance,
As it aches for the horizon in the distance,
Where the sky meets the earth and the sun meets my soul.

Purple are my sleepless nights… PurpleThat remain awake to the mournful stirrings that reside.


Red is the color of my tears, as I bleed for peace
And burn as I dance holding the flames… just so the sparks can light up every dark corner.
Allow this fire to burn, let the flames do their dervish dance…
For once this fire is gone, Darkness is sure to return.
February 19 at 12:34pm
Amiya Chatterjee : THERE ARE RIOTS HERE AND ALL OF US ARE THE VICTIMS…RIOTS OF COLOURS , RIOTS OF PASSION , RIOTS OF TURNING , RIOTS OF EMOTIONAL SILENCES…..how delightfully helpless we are now . Mauli ,You started all these by your scintillating prismatic poem.
February 19 at 10:08pm


  1. amiya chatterjee

    Oh my god….Oh my god…

    You make me cry woman !!
    You laugh when I cry ??????

    Bless you little girl.

  2. Maulshri

    I smile at your tears of love Amiya Da… with respect and adoration. When you cry, poetry is born!

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