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Mar 31 2012

Trees In A Cemetery

TreePhoto courtesy: athenswalkingtours.gr
Oldest Olive Tree in Greece
“The groves were God’s first temples.” ~ William Cullen Bryant
Trees! The mere thought of them makes me take a deep breath, and exhale a relaxed sigh!
Go on, close your eyes, visualise healthy beautiful trees around you, take a deep breath and then exhale… Do you feel the calmness?
Like a lot of things around us, trees are symbols. They all mean something to each of us….
To me, large, seasoned, wide barked green trees are warm and inviting. Like the big hug felt from my Grandmother. Oh how I miss her.
I love the scent of trees. I’d love to visit a rain forest someday. Tropical rain forests are called “jewels of the
Earth” and “world’s largest pharmacy.” How true! Just looking at them soothes the eyes.
Sometimes, when I look at a tree, I feel it’s smiling back at me. Other times, I hear it say, “help!”
Trees feel wise. They live longer, MUCH longer than human beings. There are trees that live for thousands of years. I’m talking 3000-5000 or even more, years.
The other day I drove past a cemetery and thought – what an irony to have trees, the longest living organisms on the planet, in a cemetery.
We kill trees hoping our lives will benefit, but at the end of it all, who really has the last laugh? The tree looking down on our grave.
So there are those who cremate and not bury you say. But what assists in the burning?
I have also passed by tree-less cemeteries, where people end up, from one concrete jungle, to their last. Odd how trees share warmth with the saddest of places. Give shade to shedding tears. Drop soft leaves on people on their knees. Forgive us constantly for attempting to destroy their kind.
Imagine a wide expanse of land, covered in snow and a lone green tree in the center of this space. What do you think you would be drawn to? What would give you solace?
Can you imagine a forest without trees? Woods without wood? Sound contradictory? It is. But the fact is, we are creating this contradiction. Soon we will be left with woods with no wood. Forests will be extinct. They are being ripped out faster than they can be replenished. Our land without trees is a naked land. Vulnerable to nature’s wrath.
Industrial agriculture, deforestation, urban sprawl, slash and burn treatment of tropical forests – all eroding our land.
STOP! Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale.
Think before you act.
Plant a tree.
You never know which one might be looking back at you as you R.I.P.
Plant a tree.
You never know which one might cradle you as you vaporise.
© Maulshri Rajdhan

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