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Dec 18 2013

An Undiplomatic Crime

A photo of India's deputy consul general in New York, Devyani Khobragade (chevening.org)

A photo of India’s deputy consul general in New York, Devyani Khobragade (chevening.org)

An undiplomatic crime results in an undiplomatic arrest…

What gets highlighted for me… is the issue of ‘Domestic Help Visas’

Many are defending the criminal for she is a woman, and ridiculing the prosecutor, as he is a man.

No wait; let us blame the Nanny, the domestic help who was just dying to clean a Diplomat’s house.

Ignore the crime…. but highlight the arrest as if there was no crime committed to begin with.

Reprimand the country that caught the crime…

Two crimes in fact!

One: Visa Fraud (this surprises me because she is a Deputy Counsel General in NYC)

Two: Underpaying the Domestic Help (now why does that not surprise me?)

I agree that the NYPD took things to ridiculous, obnoxious extremes. Undue advantage was taken to harass the Diplomat and I’m guessing it was to send a message loud and clear.

I agree the methodology of arrest was EXTREME and I condemn it, so please try not to pounce on me for that.

It is unfortunate that the crime committed and the arrest, have both become crimes.

But why blame the country that highlighted the Diplomat’s crimes?


“Domestic help visas” – I call it ‘upgraded slavery’!

You bring people from their home country and make them cook & clean your house. You pay them peanuts because you spent on their visas and apparently take care of their basic needs like food clothing and shelter.

They remain holed up in your house, as they are only eligible to work as domestic help in your house and have no private life. No friends and family to visit, they just take care of your family every single day! They are also dependent on you in every single way.


Why provide extra perks and benefits to a country, only to snatch them away in a reactive retaliation? Why offer it all in the first place?

Get over the “atithi devo bhavah” (Guest is God) attitude please! Those times are long over! Wake up!

People will just take advantage of you. Haven’t you figured that out by now?!
(And why do we Indians welcome Hollywood stars with garlands?!! Oh for God’s sake!)

Do only as much as is required. If you decide to go out of your way, don’t expect recognition & gratitude for it. It will not happen. Just because you go all out, does not mean the one who you are doing things for, will reciprocate favourably.

People take for granted the comforts they get.

You can go out of your way & stand on your head for all they care, they will simply make it their birth right to get what you call a perk!

Stop this nonsense!

 Read More: The Guardian: India-US row over diplomat’s arrest

Stop being reactive.

Stop being vindictive.

Stop creating scapegoats for personal political benefits.

Stop spoiling your own name around the world then blame others for pointing it out.

Stop trying to walk over people for your short-lived fame & gain.

Stop with this cannibalism of everything that is meant to make us human & humane.


Can we ever stop fighting?

Don’t we ever get tired of bickering, blaming and spewing venom?


People committing frauds get angry only when caught.

Stop committing frauds if you prefer not getting caught and prefer being a Diplomat instead.
Enjoy your position, you have so many reasons to enjoy, why abuse it?

Stop this upgraded version of slavery in the name of ‘domestic help visas’.


FYI: If found guilty, Ms. Khobragade faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for visa fraud and five years for making false statements.

I hope to God she is NOT guilty!

©Maulshri Rajdhan

Facebook: Maulshri Shukla Rajdhan

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