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Apr 09 2014

What Is Love?


Wings: Image courtesy: narutofanon.wikia.com

 I’ve been asked several times….

What is love?

Here’s a thought and my belief…

Love is… when it helps you excel… at self!
Helps you become the best version of who you truly are, who you are meant to be.

Love is when you are made to feel like the tigress that you are.
Love is when you are recognised for being the tigress that you are.

Who can love like this?

Only someone who truly cares for your existence, skills, growth and happiness… can love you like this.
Someone who believes in you, recognises your potential, sees you for who you are, someone who believes that you can excel…. at being YOU!
This kind of a person truly loves you just the way you are.

The person who truly loves you will inspire you to excel not based on what was good for them, but what is good for you, in your now. Not based on past practices, but customized and upgraded to suit your existence, circumstances and environment.

To love like this requires dedication, strength, passion, belief, honesty and depth…
To truly love someone… is to inspire them to excel. Give them wings. Like Red Bull ;)

All this may seem like a lot of work but for the one who loves you, it is a breeze! It comes easy. It comes naturally.

When your child can’t walk, you hold her hand.
Your love for her makes you want her to excel at walking.
Then running. Then jumping…and it will go on.
You are willing to invest your entire being in helping her excel to be the best version of herself.

This is ‘true’ love.

Children get this.

Why don’t adults?

******** ********

Searched, met, lost, searched again,
Suffered, dejected, rejected,
Rebel, spurned, fought, questioned…
Tired, stressed, lost, gave in…
Close to the end, he said,
“Here, excel at who you are, fearlessly!
I’ll light the dark for you.
Isn’t this the same as what you look for?
How easy it is to understand ‘love’ if you are your happiest self because of it, isn’t it?”
Wouldn’t you love a love if it transformed you into a happy person, a successful person, a person who looks in the mirror every morning and smiles?

That is true love.

Think about it.

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