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May 28 2012

You Are Dispensable


Artist: Krause, Hans
Photo courtesy: hitcollect.com


When even the most prized and talented racehorse is wounded,
all his prior accolades, awards and honour are forgotten.

The glory he earned for his owner is stripped to the bone, chewed and digested.
He is shot dead and replaced.

A bitter realisation that no matter how much and how well you contribute, you can be eliminated.

If only the top  racing horse knew this. Would he still want to be in the race?

How does this ruthless attitude affect top talent in an organisation?

How does it feel to know you are great at what you do, yet you can be striked down at any moment?
That you can be replaced for not being “good enough” after being the one to hold fort when your organisation was in dire straits?

After being the one to work 14 hour days, only to be told “you could have continued another two hours and finished the project yesterday instead of tomorrow!”


The more you do, the more you will be expected to do!
Being mediocre at work gets you fired.
Being exceptional at work can also get you fired.

So what does one do?


Does an organisation really outgrow its top talent?

When an organisation begins to strike down its top talent and/or can’t retain its top workers, its usually on its way out of business. Either it doesn’t know this yet or they do know, thus the downsizing; or, they simply enjoy shooting themselves in the foot!!

When an organisation forgets that it has expanded and become successful thanks to the combined effort of its top workers- top workers, its time for you to move on before you lose your job for being loyal and good at what you do; before you end up as the prized racehorse who gets shot for being wounded.

Businesses, be cautious before you lose your exceptional employees. It’s a sign of impending blindness.

© Maulshri Rajdhan


  1. Tanu

    I remember walking out of a job for being treated precisely like this. When you set the bar high for yourself, your boss and colleagues set it even higher, and then blame you for not being able to meet it. And all this with the best intentions. They want you to excel, but end up making you feel not good enough. Also, sometimes they just do it because it means that much less responsibility they have to take on. It takes an enlightened manager to make sure s/he doesn’t fall into this trap.

  2. Maulshri (author)

    Thank you for sharing your experience Tanu. If a gymnast’s bar is raised while she is in the air taking her best flip, it could only be a horrifyingly bad coach/boss/mentor who would decide to ‘raise the bar’ at that moment. Set your own bar, compete with yourself, the only person you should be answerable to at the end of the day, is you. Love you!

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